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Raise capital

Hey there. What sort of capital are you trying to raise?

Types of Capital Raisings

If you are looking to raise equity or debt, sell your business, or raise capital for a fund that will invest in other businesses, you have come to the right place.

Raising Equity vs Raising Debt

If you want to raise capital for your business, there are two forms that capital can take: equity or debt.

Raising equity means incoming investors receive an ownership stake in your business. The capital raised does not have to be repaid on a specific date, and there are no interest repayments.

Raising debt means you do not have to give up an ownership stake in your business. Instead, it must be repaid on a certain date, and regular interest payments must be made.

There is more to it than that, of course, and you should see our dedicated pages on equity and debt respectively for more information.

Selling your business

If you are ready to sell your business there are a number of considerations.

Potential buyers or acquirers can include individuals, funds, competitors, and other companies. The most suitable buyer will depend on your geography, sector, and size.

There is a lot to consider when selling a business. Start with our dedicated page here.

Raising capital for a fund

A fund pools the capital of a group of investors to invest in a certain strategy such as private equity or venture capital. These investors include individuals and institutions.

If you are trying to raise a fund, whether this is your first time or you have done this before, we can help you find potential investors.

See your dedicated page on raising capital for a fund here.

Need something else?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, need more guidance, or just an extra set of hands, an advisor can help. Alternatively, if you are looking to invest your own capital in businesses or funds, check out our opportunities page!

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