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We help startups, advisors and investors find each other

Fundcomb is a free, streamlined search tool that solves a simple problem: how to find the right investors in the most efficient way possible. There are many investors out there, and every one of them is different. Trying to find appropriate investors can be a frustrating and time consuming process, one that we have experienced first hand. We searched long and hard for a solution, but found existing resources were either too limited, too complicated, too expensive, or all of the above.

So we built one ourselves.

What we do..

We provide powerful search tools that allow you to easily filter investors by fund type, geography, industry focus, office location and more. We believe our search tools are the most comprehensive of any free investor search site on the web.

How we do it..

Our fund information is contributed by our experienced team and user base. It is easy and fast for anyone to contribute to our database by adding new funds or editing existing ones. Our current database is much more comprehensive in Australia and New Zealand than other locations. However, each day our database grows as new funds are added.

Who we are..

We are investors who know how hard it can be to connect companies needing capital with the right investors. We encountered this problem ourselves, and set out to help solve it. We are based in Sydney, Australia. If you would like to work with us, help out, or just chat, please get in contact. Send Jeremy an email here or leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make money?

We don't. There is no advertising, no paid listings, and no fees whatsoever.

How accurate is the data?

We make no promises as to data accuracy, but we do our best. Each day we get more accurate as our team and trusted user base continues to add to and edit our dataset. In some cases, information is estimated where no trusted source exists. If you see a mistake, please fix it. Or send us an angry email.

Why isn't my fund in the database?

Every fund in our database is uploaded by either our own team or our user base. This takes time. If you want to help, please go ahead and add a fund here - the process is fast and simple. Currently, we have most of the Australia and New Zealand funds (excluding firms that invest primarily in public equities) covered. We are expanding each day. Eventually we want to catalogue every fund in the world.

What does creating an account do?

Logged in users can save their favourite funds and searches. Many more benefits to come. Creating an account is 100% free. We don't send you ebooks or other spam. No catch.

Should funds with multiple groups be included in one or multiple entries?

This can be tricky. Our overarching policy is to keep things simple. We do not believe, for instance, in creating a new entry for every single fund raised by a large private equity firm (or which there can be 10's or 100's). Generally, if the fund reports into the same upper management, it should be kept as one entry (with multiple focus areas or geographies). The main exception is for venture capital focused arms of larger firms. For instance, Ellerston Capital in Australia has a venture focused arm named Ellerston Ventures. This is a separate entry in our database, because we believe early stage investing is a very different category to later stage investing.

Can I see your privacy statement?

Okay fine – no-one has ever actually asked us this, but here is the link. The summary is that we do not share or sell any user data to anyone. We use cookies in two ways. Firstly, we use Google Analytics for website traffic data, and secondly we use a service to generate location data that is used to pre-fill forms and reduce spam from other users registering false funds. This data is not personally identifiable.