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We help you find advisors to help you raise equity, raise debt, sell your company, raise capital for a fund and more. What primary country or region are you based?

Please note that our advisor search function is in Beta and our advisor database remains very limited. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Jeremy

Hiring an advisor

You can raise capital or sell a business without an advisor. You can reach out to investors yourself, and our search tools can help with that. A quality advisor can be beneficial however. A good advisor will know how to reach out to appropriate investors or acquirers, how to prepare the right materials and tailor them to different audiences, how to negotiate with investors. They do this regularly. Chances are, you do not.

What are the downsides? For one, certain investors (primarily early stage venture investors) do not like to invest in companies that have appointed advisors. There are various reasons for this, ranging from a preference to talk directly to the founders instead of through an advisor, to a perception that having to appoint (and pay) an advisor is an indicator that there was insufficient interest from other investors. On that note, advisors don't work for free. Some work by the hour, some take a percent of raisings (success-based), and others have a mix of the two.

It can be difficult to evaluate advisors. Two important things to look for are track records of successful transactions similar to your own, and, ideally, referrals from people you trust. Switching advisors in the middle of a process can be very painful, expensive, and looks bad to investors. Do your research and don't rush into hiring someone.

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