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Find investment opportunities and invest your own capital

If you are looking to find a potential investment, regardless of whether you are an individual or a fund, you are in the right place. Invest directly into a company of your choice or invest into venture capital, private equity, and other fund types. Note that we are not associated with, and do not recommend any of these investments. We operate as a portal for others to post opportunities only.

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Investing your own capital

Fundcomb allows companies and funds raising capital to post these opportunities on Fundcomb. We are not associated with any of these companies or funds, but provide a service that allows you to discover potential opportunities.

There are two types of investments listed here: investments in individual companies, and investments in funds.

Funds have teams of dedicated investment personnel that make investments into a number of opportunities, usually focused on a particular strategy (for example, a venture capital fund may focus on early stage technology). Funds usually have a set period of time over which they invest their capital and over which to return it, plus any profits (and less fees), to investors.

Companies listed here are either looking to sell their entire business, or are looking to raise equity or debt capital. The details of each raising varies.

Fundcomb is not associated with any of these opportunities and does not provide advice or recommendations. All opportunities are posted by third parties. Fundcomb does not perform any due diligence on any opportunities listed - all investors should do their own due diligence and take independent financial advice.

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