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Author: Jeremy
First published: May 8 2021


Fundcomb has partnered with BlockFi to offer you up to a $250 sign on bonus. BlockFi is a cash account that offers you 8.6% (10% for the next 2 months) interest on your deposits. BlockFi loans out these deposits to people borrowing to buy or sell cryptocurrencies (primarily bitcoin). BlockFi is very well funded (it just raised $300m from a bunch of well known investors), but there is risk. The main risk ultimately is that if crypto falls more than say 60% in a short space of time, you may lose some of your deposit (because the loans will turn bad before BlockFi can enforce on its collateral - being the coins that would be falling in value). Do your own due diligence - this is absolutely not investment advice and is not the same as putting your money in a bank account. I can say that I have a material amount of my own cash invested in BlockFi deposits. 

Also - Fundcomb receives a small bonus if you sign up using the below link. This is the first sponsored partnership Fundcomb has done. 

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